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          Zhejiang WeiDe electric Co.,Ltd

          +86-577-61721357 61721358


            Weide electric co.,ltd. Was founded more than ten years,the con-sistent pursuit of the concept, is to constantly improve quality and quality.

            Weide electric is always in the front of the industry in the field of electrical connection, is a collection of technology research and development of abrasive design, product manufacturing, market-ing as one of the enterprises. The company has a strong technical force, rich production experience, sophisticated manufacturing equipment, advanced technology level, staff quality, Wells have the ability to constantly develop new products. The company has a number of professional production lines, such as precision inject-tion molding machine production line, automatic assembly line of stamping parts forming production line, etc., to ensure the stan-dard production of products.

            All kinds of terminals produced by weide electric are recognized by the national quality supervision, inspection and testing center for low-voltage electrical appliances. CE, CQC and ROHS prod-ucts are exported to Taiwan,South America and the Middle East.

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